Jennifer Tang.

Jennifer Tang is a visual arts student at the University of Ottawa. She specializes in media arts and often incorporates photography and sculptural elements into her practice. Her works investigates her own identity and the relation of her own identity to the complexity of human conditions.


“Submissive, feminine, and soft spoken. Growing up as an Asian American, these are the words used throughout my life to define me as one, giant stereotype. The negative portrayal and stereotypes of Asians are already a neglected social issue, but I realized that the stereotypes that Asian American women face are further disregarded. “The Interview” is a raw discussion about the life experiences of a fellow Asian American women who shared many similar experiences as I did due to our ethnic identities. The discussion went beyond than just the nuances of stereotypes endorsed by western culture, but also the cultural differences with immigrant parents. The intent of this project is to simply reveal the reality of fetishization, eroticization, and discrimination of Asian American women. The issue is still alive but by confronting it, I consider it as a small step towards a form of reappropriation.”